Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Jade's Birthday Has Arrived

Everyone had eagerly awaited in excitement for the day Jade would finally turn one.  

The island was decorated, and Sun tried hard to patiently wait on the bench for everyone to arrive.

The guest list was so big it took three boats to bring everyone to the island, arriving in shifts.

Some, chose to swim to the island instead.

Not only were they there to see Jade on her big day, but they were excited to also get the opportunity to meet people who had long only been kind and supportive words on a computer screen. 

"Gasp!  Babay is that you?  I'm so happy to finally meet you!"

Babay had immediately scooped Jade up when she arrived on the island, and wouldn't put her down!  Not even to blow out her candles!

So with approximately 20 women on the island, one cat, one dog and one baby/toddler, there was lots of mischief to get into.  
First they started with the cake.

Happy Simday to you,
Happy Simday to you,

(See Simollina tapping her foot, impatiently waiting for cake?  Yah, she is like that in real life too!)

A bunch of you never came for cake, cause you were too busy swimming in the ocean and wouldn't come in.  Eh hem, Liese, Dani, Mama Dragon to name a few!

Really Poetrygirl?  Its just cake, settle down!

Meagan?  What big teeth you have.......

What comes after cake?  Well dancing of course! 

Unless you are ciane.  Cause she went into the barn/house, cleaned up the dog toys and made the bed.  I kid you not!

Meagan went to see the baby chicks.  Now Meagan, with those teeth, make sure it is only kisses.  (us older folk will get the Ozzy reference here)  I know, ewwwww!  Sorry!

Beata gave Sophie a much needed flea bath.  Awwww, thank you!

Which was good because then we noticed that someone else had fleas falling off them too.  Uhhhh, Poetrygirl are you itchy at all?

But that is okay because she made up for it by accompanying the stereo and giving us entertainment.

A few friends finally made it out of the ocean, showing up to snag the last few pieces of cake.  Whoa Dani!  Smoking hot mama bod you got going on there.  Even with the wedgy!

Oh and Pink started to paint a picture but was interrupted by a friend and never finished.

After that hard work it was tea time for the hard working ladies.

Ciane- "Meagan, I think this is the best cup of tea I've ever tasted."
Pink- "Mmmmm-hmmmm!"

So right about now was when I realized that Dec and she_devil finally appeared. I have no idea where they were or what they were doing.

But Dec started tearing up the dance floor with some killer moves with Dani.  Ciane who had been watching from the table after eating salad (true vegetarian you are)  decided to join. 

But something upset Poetrygirl cause the look on her face!  So she left.

Dani and Penny walked off also because they just saw the water balloon area that Sun was setting up.  Penny and Sun decided it would be fun to do two against one and Dani, as competitive as she is, said "Bring it on!"  Then got doused, which had all three laughing.

I found she_devil and RM sitting among the stored furniture in the barn

"Whoa that is some outfit!"

"Oh this old thing, nothing special." replied SD.

"So are those four or five inch heels and how on earth do you walk on them?" asked RM

"Practice.  Lots and lots of practice.  Want to try?"

"Nooooo thank you!" and both women laughed!

I found Simollina and Pink in a deep discussion on the beach.

I figured it was probably something like Chinese or Roman history, knowing Simollina.  

The tea table was never empty.

"Cheers to all," said Liese!

I found Dani in the house changing Jade's diaper for me. Whooops, glitch.  

There we go!

Back outside.....BAD KITTY!! DP BEHAVE!

'If I just stretch out here and laze about, perhaps it will stop all that incessant thumping they are all doing.'

And it did.  No more dancing happened for the rest of the day.

Ciane tried her hand at basketball

Beata challenged Meagan to hopscotch.

But they both lost.  Oh dear!

Simollina broke the washroom.  

The apple bobbing station was used by almost everyone. 

Interesting to note that Liese won every time she played!  Seriously she did and she played a lot, I just didn't photograph it.

Except for this one time here.  Drag won this round.  

Ahh, Drag.  You are a shy sim aren't you.  I didn't find you speaking to anyone but.....

When you did it was love at first site.  Actually to be honest, Simollina caught a lot of Sim's attention that day.  Way to go Sil!

HB was my other quiet sim.  She spent most of her day with Addy.

"Shakra blah!" said HB, which made Addy laugh!

"That is not how it goes!" replied Addy. "Like this....."

So that is pretty much how the party went.  

Everyone had a blast, I hope.  See ya next time....

Wait...what's that?  Oooohh JADE! Right.  I mean it was her party after all even though all of you guys kinda high jacked it.  Okay, okay just kidding.  

I guess we should go back to the beginning right?

So Sun blew out the candles for Jade (after babay finally put her down-Sheesh baby hogger)  Then this happened of course.

Then tada! 

Slight glitch with Jade being stranger shy for a moment.

But everything is cool now.

Jade met DP

....and learned her first word. 


Jade also made a new friend

And another..

And another....

pass the baby around....


You are finally one and now your day is done.

Good night little one. 

Outside, Sophie laid down in her dog house. 

'They can go to sleep, but I am not closing my eyes till I know that cat is really gone!'

Sophie fell asleep with her eyes open dreaming of DP.......

Thank you for coming!  That was really fun!

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NewSea pigtails hair
ESKIN Fresh skintone
Sweet Love eyes by Praline Sims

Tea Set 
From the Brunch At The Old Mill Set


  1. Oh wow! That was so much fun! Seriously, that had me giggling like a little kid all the way through! lol This was such a great idea! And Jade is soooooo adorable! :D

  2. Nice update! Glad jade had a wonderful birthday! I do have a question. Where did you get the tea cup set?

    1. The tea set is part of the brunch at the old mill in the EA store found here:

  3. Lol :) What an absolutely super idea. As always your pics are brilliant! How lovely to see everyone having so much fun too. Well done B!

    1. There is a second chapter coming as well with outtakes and special notes in a couple days.

  4. Rosemary already said, all I could say about this funny birthday party. I play hard and I play good.*lol
    But at least, I catched up till here. And I'm with Jin. Monte Vista is a dead end and beeing homesick is really hard to take. And of course, Jade is absolutely adorable.

    1. Thank you Liese! I'm glad you took it all in good fun!

  5. That was a great party! I love playing with all of my Sim friends in my game.
    Jade is adorable! As always, can't wait to read more!