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Chapter 2.28 It's My Time

So I'm walking home from work one night, walking because I'm short on money....okay being too cheap to pay for a cab, when I run into this girl from school I've been noticing, far too much for a guy who is engaged.  But I don't know what it is about this girl.  I look at her with her tanned skin and light blond hair and think girl you are in the wrong town.  I see her and think tropical island with white sandy beaches, bright hot sun and people walking around in bikinis all day long.  She just seems far too fine for a place as dull as Monte Vista.  

I noticed her on the first day of school standing outside waiting her turn to go in.  Then on the field trip same day, running down the block, giving me quite the fine view as her skirt bounced up and down.  All the while, I ran behind her trying really hard not to notice the gentle curve of her firm, round buttocks with each flip of her skirt hem. I saw her at lunch outside in the quad hanging with her friends; none as fair as her.  
The residents of Monte Vista tended more towards the darker skinned and darker hair.  To me she was an anomaly in this very boring town.

Oh, so back to where I started.  So I'm walking home like the cheap- skate I am and who comes walking down the street towards me, but this pretty blond girl.  I kinda held my breath for a second and my heart did a leap.  Do I talk to her? Do I just nod my head and keep walking?  Or do I be the good guy I tend to be and just ignore her and avoid all temptation together?  Fortunately, she took the choice right out of my hands.

"Hey, it's Jin right?  What are you doing in this part of town?  I thought you were living with the Monty's"

"Oh, uh, just walking home from work."  Then I looked at the ground while I tried to avoid staring at her.

"Where are you working?" she asked.

"I work at the pizzeria place in the town square.  Fridays to Monday.  Oh unless I have a night game, which is only a few nights in the season over all."

"Oh, that's a shame really.  Doesn't leave a lot of time for socializing, like going on dates."  Then she ducked her head and looked at me through her amazingly thick eyelashes.  I looked at the ground again.  

"No, well I guess dates don't always have to be at night though but you are probably right," and I kicked at a stone on the ground.  

"Well I should get home before my parents are wondering where I am.  I was just coming from a friend's house and I have to call when I leave the house so they know when I left.  My parents are so over protective I bet they know they amount of steps between houses and the time down to the second to walk it."

"Wait-," I said.  "So are you single?"

She smiled and said "Yes.  I currently am.  I mean I'm not technically allowed to have a boyfriend but I figure what my parents don't know won't hurt them."

"I bet you have a line of guys just waiting to date you," I said hoping she took it as a compliment.

"Jin, I dare say...are you flirting with me?"

Then, I don't know what came over me.  It was literally like something took over my body and made me do it.  I quick leaned in and planted a kiss on her lips. She looked shocked at first, then grabbed me to kiss me back! Oh man could she kiss!

"So do you want to hang out sometime?"  I asked.

"Sure just call me."  Then she started walking at a quick pace in the direction of home, but turned, giggled and waved before carrying on.

I felt so excited at the prospect of a date!  I literally ran home and called Caeruleus to give him the news.  

It wasn't till I was in bed and nearly asleep, that I thought about Sun.  It was not the best night sleep I have ever had I tell you. Guilt filled my dreams and had me tossing and turning all night long.  By morning I had decided I wouldn't call Maria.  I was disappointed, to say the least.  What did that mean?

Saturday morning I completed all my chores and homework, then spent the next hour pacing the house unable to settle to anything.  I needed someone to talk to about this and I knew it couldn't be Sylvia, because she wouldn't understand.  It had to be Caeruleus, even though I had planned on never telling anyone why exactly I was there.  I asked him to meet me at the ruins, alone and without his sister.  He readily agreed.

He listened quietly to everything I said and when I finished he stared with this glazed look on his face.

"WOW." was all he said for a moment.  "That's unreal, like some kind of super good novel or movie plot.  No wonder you are a mess.  I would be worse.  Like find a hole to crawl into wreck."

"Yeah, well at times I have my moments."

"Wow," he said again.  "Sorry I know that isn't helpful so just give me a minute here."

Caeruleus scratched at his head and made several different faces as he seemed to be working things out in his mind.

"So, uh, you've never actually been to school before then?"

"No," I replied.

"You live on an island with just your parents.  No one else.   Like ever?  No friends, no girl"

I shook my head at him.  "Wow," he said again.  "I just can't imagine what that is like.  So...Sun, she is like....the first girl you have spent any time with.  Correct?"

I just looked at him before nodding my head. 

"Then, help me out here.  Cause, I'd like to know, to understand. How do you know she really is the one?  I mean, it's like you chose the very first dessert you have ever eaten in your life and you will never ever have any other choice.  How do you know that the chocolate cake was the right choice if you haven't ever had the creme brulee or never will?"

"I just knew.  Or I thought I did.  This is so incredibly messed up. If my parents hadn't sent me here, then Sun and I would be married soon and none of this would even be an issue."

"I dunno Jin.  Its like your mind is trying to tell you that you need to do a bit of window shopping while you are here.  I mean it doesn't mean that she isn't the one or you don't love Sun.  But perhaps a little experimentation wouldn't be such a bad thing.  Look at it this way, Sun has had a life already in the real world.  You haven't.  This is your chance up.  Besides, she will never know anyway.  Who is going to tell her?  If it were me, I'd have a lot of fun while I was here.  Go back to Sun, with a little uh, lets say knowledge under your belt, so to speak.  Who knows how much knowledge she has already had.  Do you really want to be the inexperienced one in this relationship? Or do you want to be the Man?"

As terrible as it was, I had to admit that Caeruleus was making a lot of sense. Sun did have a life before me.  She went to school, she went out with friends she maybe even had dates.  She got to do things like visit a restaurant, see a movie in a theatre.  There was so much life I had already missed.  I hadn't even done simple things and when I went back, would I ever get to do them? Ever?

She wouldn't know.  My parents would never tell her for sure.  Yes this plan was starting to have real merit.

Then why did I feel like that picture with an angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other?  Pfft, lets face it, the devil was always there.  Caeruleus was right.  It was my time.  Perhaps this is what my father meant when he said to go experience life, learn all I could and find out who I really am.  

Well then.....Bring it on!

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  1. Bring it on! LOL In a way, I kind of agree that Jin has no frame of reference for a lot of things. But I also have a feeling he is going to find some trouble along the way. :D :) Great chapter!

  2. I feel like saying "Bad Jin! Bad!" But then again he isn't tied to anyone. WHY DO I FEEL LIKE HE'S DOING A BAD THING!?


    1. It's a moral issue for most isn't. He isn't tied that is true. But a proposal is a promise and no one likes to be betrayed. Hang in there and see where this all lies in the end.

  3. The boy is struggling hard for his age, I think. Ian or Maya for my opinion, must have known that he was bound to look for some physical contact, sooner or later. No human being can live without for long, without becoming depressiv, especially if he's so young and was isolated most of his life. And Ian did all, to hold him there.
    So first time of his life, he did as all young people do, just test out. The promise he gave to sun was still floating. Whatever his conscience does with this experience, the future will show. But, after all I read out of this, I wouldn't judge him for that. Great Job, Bee. I always admire your writing style. You're a perfectionist in a good way.

  4. Internal struggles are always the hardest. Best to let them out and examine them.
    He has had a sheltered life. Maybe he can now experience a bit of life before he heads back to the island.